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Welcome friends on my English page. To order my new published book (a romantic novel / thriller), go to: To go directly to my page with my Bellydance and Burlesque shows / performances and interactive theatre, <<< Click here. This website is actually a magical, wild, fantasy garden full of possibilities, love, laughter, fairytales that come true and essential living. My name is Pippa Pinuppins, which is too hard to pronounce for many people let alone to remember. But whatever I do, make, write or dance, it is all done or made By Pippa. I am the head character in my own book, but Pippa is also my artistic name. I am a combination of a pirate princess, Mary Poppins, a 50s pinup with a big wink and Pippi Longstocking. I am expressive, true to my own natural and passionate self, I am colourful, playful and always looking for magic and adventurous living. Be aware that I can and I will be very contagious, as soon as you enter my pages, with my wild, free and magical living and work.

My Art!

I make art. This is not normal art, it is magical art that has the ability to heal and remind you of your own deepest truth and highest calling. If you want to see more, <<< click here. All my work is made with lots of good vibrations, and lots of special techniques and material. I use natural material like wool, leafs, flowers, wood, grass, hand made paper, fabric like cotton and silk and all sorts of other material that I can find. I use a high quality acrylic paint on mdf or canvas. I work with different subjects on my art. If you are a new customer, your first purchase will have a discount of 20%. To feel extra welcome!

I make powerwomen who encourage you to live your true, wild, crazy, authentic and beautiful self, to watch them, <<<click here. For personal commisioned work, <<< click here. This personal work is to protect your true being from influences that do not make you healthy or happy from outside. It empowers happiness, love and abundance in your life, and I make this work completely in tune with the recipient. For my tribal work, <<< click here. This work is made out of a deep love for all races, colours and cultures. Mostly the ancient ones, where rituals were part of daily life and where we can learn how to get back to our own instinctual wisdom and true nature. For my fantasy work, <<< click here. This work was made with a love for fairytales, special characters that honor the magic in ourselves and in life. For my love and passion work, <<< click here. These paintings were made with the qualities: passion, surrender, fire, love and tenderness. It shows people that are truly in tune with their inner longings and fire. For my drawings, mostly chakra's and mandala's (also made in admission), <<< click here. They were mostly made with pencils and sometimes pastel chalk. I start with making circles and after the design is finished, start drawing intuitively whatever wants to come up. I also make abstract work, to see more, <<< click here. In my abstract work I focus on the qualities of the soul, the spirit. So it directly translates this qualities into forms and colours that speak to the soul. For my felted work (work I make with wool, threads and silk or cotton), <<< click here.



I have been dancing since I can walk. I started with classical ballet, went into modern and jazz

dance, then started my masters in non-Western dance and Dance therapy in Rotterdam Dance academy and kept on doing masterclasses and exchange programs allover the world, wich led me to become specialised in African dance, Oriental dance, and Burlesque. Dancing from the hips and the belly brings me happiness and aliveness. I won a national contest in cross over dance (fusion belly dance and African dance) and worked and danced with many international teachers all over the world, like Orit Maftsir, Shahrazad, Rachid Alexander, Asi Haskal, and many many more. I also worked in the ghettos of South-Africa and learned so many new dances, while I was teaching them belly dance. Beautiful work and beautiful projects. In my work I always combine Oriental or African techniques with free dancing and improvisation. I focus on the qualities: beauty, power, joy and love, in our movements, in our bodies and in our facial expressions and feelings while dancing. I also teach dance improvisation and dance in combination with meditation. I also give dance therapy sessions, accompanied by my own designed dancing oracle cards. Right now I give lessons, workshops and performances in Bellydance: <<< click here, Burlesque, <<< click here and African dance, <<< click here.

To see more and watch some pictures, <<< click here

 The White Tipi women gatherings!

The White Tipi women gatherings are initiated by Alejandra Acosta and Pippa. In these gatherings we come together as women in a ritual and sacred way and focus on the qualities: light, being fully women, wisdom, flowering, essential and conscious living. A tradition that comes from the background of Alejandra who comes originally from Uruguy, South-America. The idea was born and developed when I was in Lesbos doing women groups and she was doing a retreat in a white tipi. We organise days which are full of dance and movement, creativity, ritual, meditation, sharings and body work. The themes of the days can change from resilience, to essence, flowering / blossoming and living our true wisdom in daily life. There is a beautiful energy hidden in gatherings of women who want to share their life experience and move on into the state of true wisdom, whatever they experienced or went through in life. A playful yet deep gathering for women of all ages, forms and backgrounds. To have a sense of the energy we create together, <<< click here.  

My Writing!

My writings are all in Dutch right now. I just published my first novel in Dutch. Available and ready to order at: As soon as my articles or books are translated in English I will let you know. And it will happen! To get an impression though about my work and what inspires my writing, <<< click here. 

Bedankt! Bericht verzonden.

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